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TMCS's two pronged approach to showcasing its vehicles

TMCS presents all of its vehicles with our default standard of WHITE BOOTH photos and video to give potential customers a consistent detailed over view of the vehicles offered.


The EXTRA MILE with "ON LOCATION". Unique to TMCS.

Certain vehicles deserve that extra attention and that is where this aspect of TMCS attention to detail comes to the fore.

"ON LOCATION" involves taking individual cars to different locations and being photographed in a very different way to the default pre described booth photography.


Our branding consultant takes these vehicles under his wing and captures them in a true editorial publication sense. The goal is imagery that you would wish to have as a fine art print on your wall that is beyond just a pretty car photo on instagram or facebook. 

Located in Adelaide and want your own vehicle or bike captured at the highest level of artistry and quality? Meet our 'consultant'.

My name is Peter Lloyd Culley and I offer a different approach to capturing images of vehicles, motor cycles etc than perhaps other 'photographers'.

My approach is twofold. Technocratic. Ethos.

From a technical point of view I call on over three decades of visual design experience and being educated and working in the pre digital era of commercial vehicle photography by the finest large format commercial photographer of the era in Australia, Mr 'Bernie' Van Elsen. It was here as a graphic designer, I learned from the studio/location to darkroom what it takes with every aspect of technique and consideration before the shutter was 'popped'.


Fast forward to the digital era and whilst embracing the technology i temper the process with a very considered analogue approach when it comes to creating these individual images as fine art pieces.

I offer two very different products to patrons depending on their requirements.

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