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The Murcielago was Lamborghini’s flagship V12 performance model from 2001 to 2010,
following on from the great success of the revered Diablo. With its all-wheel drive system and
mid-mounted 6.2 litre V12, the Murcielago quickly became a favourite amongst enthusiasts,
particularly those who opted for the gated 6-speed manual transmission. Following the iconic
Coupe body style, the ‘Roadster’ was introduced in 2004 providing an open-top driving
experience for those who yearned it. The introduction of the Variable Airflow Cooling System
via the twin ‘wing-like’ active intakes provided dynamic cooling to the large V12, but also
added to the already aggressive styling. The Murcielago would continue it’s run with the
introduction of the ‘LP640’ in 2006 and the ‘LP670-4 SuperVeloce’ in 2009.

This particular example is an Australian delivered Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe, leaving the
Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturing facility in 2003. While many Murcielago’s of this
period left the factory in the ‘Giallo Evros’ hero colour, this Coupe is finished in ‘Arancio’,
an incredibility rich hue of Orange. The sophisticated Murcielago body styling is aggressive
yet restrained following a simple, low-slung body profile from front to back. The active aero
remains hidden, while a series of pronounced ducts for engine and brake cooling appear on
the front bumper, side skirts and ‘shoulders’. The iconic ‘scissor doors’ are a popular feature
on the Murcielago and remain an item reserved for Lamborghini’s V12 flagship models. To
complete the exterior, this Murcielago still retains its factory staggered 180inch Speedline
wheels, running a 245/35 R18 Front and 335/30 R18 Rear.

The interior is deliberately pared back and driver focused, while being surrounded by supple
leather and stainless highlights to the gear shifter and gate. Orange stitching provides a neat
highlight against the Nero leather treatment throughout. The almost ‘F1-like’ bolstered seats
and seating position exemplifies true supercar pedigree, while the metallic ‘clink’ shifting
through the responsive gated manual is irreplaceable to that of contemporary paddle shift
gearboxes. While the early 2000’s digital dash may seem rudimentary by today’s standards, it
epitomises Lamborghini’s forefront thinking for developing performance cars ahead of its

The iconic V12 howl is synonymous with Lamborghini’s of yesteryear, but the Murcielago V12
denoted the marquees first V12 engine of the new millennium. This Murcielago has equipped
the longitudinally, mid-mounted 6.2 Litre V12 which sounds just as good as it performs.
Producing north of 500hp and a 300+ km/h top speed, the power is controlled via the sough
after gated 6-speed manual transmission. Power is put down to the ground via a strong all-
wheel drive system.

Murcielago’s are scarce, let along factory manual examples. Take the opportunity to secure
this rare Australian Delivered, 6-speed manual Murcielago finished in one of the best factory
Lamborghini colours!

YEAR: 2003

ENGINE: 6.2L V12



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